More About MEFAHorseshoe

The M.E.F.A. is solely dedicated to the maintaining of a viable, professional association which will provide an avenue for all horsemen, horseshoers and veterinarians. Our intent is to provide continuing education, and to promote professional ethics and attitudes concurrent with the modern development of Farriery Science. 

The Mid-Eastern Farrier's Association offers many opportunities for individuals in the farrier industry. However,   in addition to the farrier, there is a wealth of information available to veterinarians as well as those in the horse industry in general.

The Mid-Eastern Farrier's Association holds many functions which help to further the education of the farrier.    Throughout the year, there are clinics, "hammer-ins," lectures by recognized clinicians and competitions of all types held.    We even have a fun-filled day for the family at the annual picnic. In 1994, we expanded our educational program to include a horse clinic.    This clinic has on it's agenda an open panel discussion. This will allow everyone the opportunity to direct their questions to either farrier's,   veterinarians or professional horse people. Our goal is to address the problems that people may be experiencing, and educating them   on what options are available to them.

The Mid-Eastern Farrier's Associationis a chapter member of the American Farrier's Association. We offer AFA Certification Testing to members who are interested in pursuing certification. The opportunities and fellowship available to members of the Mid-Eastern Farrier's Association can be beneficial to not only established farriers but to those farriers just starting out in the business. Membership includes a subscription to the Horseman's Corral where our bi-monthly newsletter can be found. This will keep you up to date on what is happening and what is coming up! There is also an option   to subscribe to the Anvil, a farrier publication. Following in the philosophy of the American Farrier's Association, we are continually striving to provide on-going education to our members. We encourage all farrier's, whether they are part-time or full-time, established or just starting, to take this opportunity to join the Mid-Eastern Farrier's Association and take advantage of the many opportunities available to you. 

To the veterinarians ... we are extending this invitation to become a member of our association and form a relationship with a knowledgeable farrier. We are making a major effort to bridge the gap between the farrier and the veterinarian. We have seen many changes in the farrier industry,   and those changes have been recognized in the veterinary field. Now is the time to reach out and join forces, with the end result being a happy client.

To any and all others involved in horses ... we offer you the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about areas in the farrier industry.    Now is the time to learn and understand what your farrier is doing and why! Our strongest encouragement goes out to farrier students. There is a wealth of information to be gained from our organization, and we are proud to say that we have some of the finest farriers in the industry as members of our organization. Attending functions offered by the Mid-Eastern Farrier's Association will only help you to learn and grow in your future profession. The cost of a membership is minimal compared to the benefits you will reap. You will be watching and learning from some of the most knowledgeable farrier's available, and it would be foolish to pass up this golden opportunity. 

Thank you for your interest in the Mid-Eastern Farrier's Association. We hope to see you at one of our functions soon!